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The first semester is winding down and now it's early spring registration week. Since I am a current student, but haven't technically earned any credits yet, I get to register the very last day of... Read More

  1. by   stpauligirl
    Quote from JaxiaKiley
    I was just talking to someone in my A&P II class the other day, and we were saying how we wished we had taken Micro before A&P because all the practice with the microscope would really help in A&P lab

    If you can take the class, I suggest taking whatever is available. Best of luck!
    Isn't that the truth....micro really teaches you how to use that microscope.... I had micro last semester and it's helping me tremendously in my current A&P2 class.
  2. by   IaCountryGirl
    Quote from Kensington
    So did you go ahead an take Micro this semester country girl? I'm curious because I'm thinking of doing the same thing (micro before A&P).

    Let me know, and thanks!
    I will be taking it next semester so I will let you know how it goes.