Medgar Evers College NLN 2017

  1. Hi,
    I'm hoping to maybe speak to anyone attending MEC and applying to the rn program. I just took the NLN and my score was a 121, I know it isn't great but what are my odds? This waiting game is killing me!!! Also if anyone has any info on how many students apply versus how many seats there are that would help too, the school is ok but they refuse to give any direct answers, all i get is do your best, its competitive. Anyway with any info please share. Thank you, and good luck
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  3. by   thells
    I think thats a good score. I scored 115 with an overall gpa of 3.6, however all the prerequisites for the nursing is 3.9. My fingers are crossed--but not knowing how selections are done is much fustrating.
  4. by   fulana
    Thank you for responding thells, my GPA is a 3.2 hopefully we will both get in. Indeed frustrating, by june we should be getting letters of acceptance or otherwise. Good luck!
  5. by   thells
    Hi, does anyone know if the selection process for the 2017 nursing program? its' been about a month since the nln exam.
  6. by   fulana
    I spoke to an advisor last week and he said they were sending out letters to people who would move on to the next step (the interviewing process) by the end of the week, so hopefully we'll be receiving ours this upcoming week. I'll let you know if I get one, other than that i have no other information, if you find anything else out please do share
  7. by   thells
    Thank you for the info..i will if I get any
  8. by   moflip
    Glad someone made this post. I will keep an eye out to see if I get any information as well
  9. by   fulana
    I just spoke to someone in the nursing department, she said the letters weren't sent out last week. The nursing committee is still reviewing the applications and will send out letters to those that will be granted an interview in ANOTHER two weeks. The waiting game continues, good luck everyone.
  10. by   moflip
    I would like to say I'm surprised...but I expected it. The waiting game continues
  11. by   thells
    but why is it so complicated to figure out. I don't understand the criteria, shouldnt it be your gpa and NLN score.
  12. by   moflip
    It is the lack of communication or information that makes it so frustrating. If the information was out there, we wouldn't be hounding them for updates. I guess all we can do is wait another two weeks to get a response, or get told to wait another two weeks lol
  13. by   moflip
    Just spoke to someone in the nursing dept. She said letters will be mailed out this week. She also noted that rejection letters will be mailed out first because some applicants are still being reviewed, so if you dont receive a letter, it may be under review still.
  14. by   fulana
    Thanks for the update moflip, now I'm afraid to check the mail this week! Lol good luck guys