Medgar Evers College NLN 2017 - page 4

Hi, I'm hoping to maybe speak to anyone attending MEC and applying to the rn program. I just took the NLN and my score was a 121, I know it isn't great but what are my odds? This waiting game is... Read More

  1. by   thells
    I got my letter and it also says writing assignment and math assessment. This is so tedious, and so onerous
  2. by   AmI2Kind4U
    Hello all I just read up on everyone's comments through this pain staking journey. I am also patiently waiting for a reply. I have heard that the department should be letting students know if they have been accepted this week, well at least mailing forms out. Has anyone received any acceptance letters yet?
  3. by   moflip
    Hello all,

    Got my letter today!! Wishing everyone good luck... Fingers crossed
  4. by   thells
    sweet!!! Congratulations!!
  5. by   AmI2Kind4U
    Congratulations @moflip! I received my letter of acceptance yesterday as well. Good luck everyone!
  6. by   fulana
  7. by   Chany28
    Can anybody guide me with the process? I just applied to this college. I'm just starting the process. I need advice to not waste my time and do well. Please!!
  8. by   moflip
    For starters, you have to double check that you have all the pre reqs eng112 - bio150/151 or 251 - Chm 105 - psych 101 - mth 136. All science courses within 5 years. If all that is satisfied, register for the NLN.
    The upcoming NLN registration period is Jan 22-23 8:30am-4:00pm and jan24th 8:30am-6pm. Mid semester you will take the NLN. After that, the waiting game ensues.
  9. by   moflip
    hopefully this helps. let us know how it goes, or if you need help with anything else.
  10. by   RNb4iDie
    Hi! I just got the letter to move on to the interview or information session. Just wondering if anyone who's been through it could tell me how the process is. What kind of math is on the test? What kind of essay questions? Are the interviews still group interviews or individual?
  11. by   Libra92
    Hi, did you find out?