lpn school in orlando or melbourne

  1. hi i am moving to florida in the next month or 2. I want to become a lpn. I have a friend in kissimmee an she thought there was a 11 month lpn school. Is there one?
    and if there is do I need regular college courses before I can attend. I am currently a cna in michigan. If anyone can help me out i would appreicate it.
    It is so hard because I am not in Florida yet to search, and when I try to look up on internate I get the regular colleges, so I am lost.
    thanks heather
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  3. by   Nutmeg5575
    I found the school. As for the rest of your questions you will have to call the school. I'm sorry I can't help you much more, but I live in maryland haha.
  4. by   heathercna
    Nutmeg5575Thank you that website was helpful. I never came across that school when I was searching.I am gonna call them and see what they say. thanks again
  5. by   Ebony_RN
    There's also Orlando Tech in Orlando. I actually start there January 4th.

    Also Seminole Community College has a program but that is further out.



    Orlando Tech

    are your best bet. If you have questions about Orlando Tech, just let me know.