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  1. where r the lpn programs and or asn programs in indiana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i wish i could have got into ivy tech in time, this way i would not have to worry about transferring credits and i could go right into the rn program. one of my girlfriends graduated from ivy tech in either hammond or gary w/ an lpn diploma. she now works @ st. anthony crown point. i have the same idea most of you have. lpn to asn, rn & then a bachelors of science in nursing. i want to work in er or ccu. yes, waiting lists are very long. this is why i am considering @ a proprietary school. do u know of anyone who attended the lnp nursing program @ brown mackie college or olympia college? if so, can u give me any feedback on the training and program? they are both accredited, although their credits do not transfer over, and both start in september. i have to decide which one i plan to attend, both schools have accepted me and i did pass the compass & psb entrance exams @ olympia. what would u suggest, the sooner i start school the better! but reputation & training is extremely important!

    got any feedback? your help is much appreciated!!!

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  3. by   mydee
    Keep In mind that I have not gone to either of to brown mackie or olympia college. I decided not to go to olympia college this schools is on a point system and do to the fact that I was a bad student In high school it would be hard to get in. Olympia college seems like a better school for lpn. There lpn is in a different location then there other students. I went to both colleges and I seems to get a better feel for olympia. The only problem with olympia is that they do not accept credits from other schools and brown mackie does. I have all ready taken psychology and microcomputers at a different school. I am planinng on taking anatomy & physiology I and II at my current school. That way when I when I go back to school to do RN I will not have to take these classes again.That way I would only have to take two addtional science classess to complate a RN ADS program. Where as Olympia wants you to their anatomy and physiology class.The cost for me to go to brown mackie will be 13,750. At the end it will be cheaper and I will not have to take classes again. Good luck to you.
  4. by   mydee
    I made a mistake on the word their
  5. by   CC_ER 73
    hi mydee - thanks for the reply! quick question: why do u think olympia has a better lpn program? can u tell me what u found in comparing the two lpn programs between the two schools?

    thanks - jen