Lpn or Rn

  1. Hi Snoopy angel and others in same predicament

    I too am enrolled in a CC that has a very competitive nursing program. I have completed all preq"s for LPN and missing A&P1 for the ADN program. I am currently taking the A&P1 done in may. My dilema was do I apply for the ADN RN even with an incomplete prereq or do I apply for the LPN. Because so many have already completed their prereqs, this would lower my chances of getting in. So after much thought I applied for the LPN program. This will be my stepping stone into the RN program. Less competition, Many fast traks all over the place for Lpn to Rn. Plus may get my education paid for also.....I take the Teas on March 23rd....please say a prayer for me. :angel2:

    The bottom line for you is what feels right, how is your GPA etc.....

    my best to all
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  3. by   Tweety
    That's one way to do it! Good luck to you!