Low GPA and losing time to retake classes

  1. I am ashamed to admit this but I have been in school for 4 years, taking it easy because I was raising a young child. Until recently, life has been darting sour lemons at me and I have not dealt with it well in my school career. I have gone from 2.8 to 2.4. For the last 2 semesters I have have to withdraw from several classes. I almost want to just give up even though nursing is all I have ever wanted to do. I am a Medical Assistant by trade and love the medical field. I fear I may not be good enough to further to an RN. My life has started to calm down and I have exited the storm that was causing the havoc in my life. I have to take my anatomys and micro, but really don't have the time or patience to retake any of my classes, after I will try for my nursing entrance. I am worried. I want to walk away, but I owe it to myself and my children to keep going. My financial aid will probably be in danger at this point but could use some sound advice. Thanks!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Why don't you apply to an LPN program? The admission requirements are usually not as comprehensive as most RN programs (fewer prerequisites), the cost is lower, and the completion time faster.

    You come out able to make a living wage, many more opportunities in terms of workplaces and schedules, and then bridge to an RN program while (likely) having your employer help you pay for it.

    I started as an LPN and just kept plugging away until I got my doctorate.

    Best wishes!
  4. by   Kotylynne
    I have been in a similar boat although I am not working as of now.
    I have had to move so slow and it kills me because nursing is absolutely my dream.
    I spoke with my advisor the other day totally ready to finish up my last few pre reqs and she caught me by surprise saying I had enough to go to the nursing program this September. However she said due to my Current C in anatomy I may not be competitive enough for the RN program but would do perfect for the LPN. After some time to think on it that is fine but it isn't my dream. You have to sit back and decide where you WANT to go and get there. We all have set backs and things that didn't go as planned but goals are goals. I wouldn't be unhappy becoming an LPN but I'm darn well going to try for the goal I set out for. Plus going from LPN to RN for ASN then bridging again would be way more expensive. I say, and I don't mean this in a rude way it's just how I feel, if you're going to do it, do it the right way. Re take the class and don't make excuses.
  5. by   Wiggly Litchi
    Ask yourself what you really want? Do you want to be a nurse, or do you like the idea of being a nurse?

    Sounds like an odd question, I know. Retaking classes sure does suck, but if you apply yourself they will be over before you know it.
    When I moved to the USA, none of my stuff transferred - not a credit. Not even my high school education counted; I hadn't finished my degree in my home country, so when I moved here I was thrown under the educational bus. It wasn't fun.

    4 years later - I've finished the GED, on my last 4 GenEds for my bachelor's and I will hopefully be starting my program with a 4.0. The majority of the classes I took (save for things like Philosophy and World Religions) were classes I'd already taken in the past. Having to sit through trig a 2nd time was like chewing glass.

    Has it been hard? **** yes. (asterisks for emphasiiiiis)
    Has it been tedious? Oh heck yeah, still is

    But nursing is my dream, and that means I'll do absolutely anything to obtain it. Time or patience be damned.

    If nursing is your dream, you'll find a way to get there too.
  6. by   sm818
    Thank you everyone, sorry this is so late, but Nursing is absolutely my dream. They do not offer Lpn where I go to school and thought about the NA. But even for that I still need the last two I need for nursing! Still going to move forward. I have a few C's but I will find a way to work through it and be the best RN student I can be wherever I am!