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  1. by   LIZ07
    THanks Once AGAIN! I requested the information from ivy tech and have printed about 15 pages of information lol. I'm having a hard time finding the information for purdue calumet. I can find information for the west lafayette campus but not so much at calumet.purdue.edu But I'm on my way to look again! Goodluck with the house cleaning hope you have loads of fun
  2. by   sunnyjohn
    HI Liz 07,

    The house is only half clean lol

    Purdue Calumet???? Cool....

    According to the website at Purdue/Calumet you can get either the Associate degree in Nursing (technical option) OR a Bachelor's degree (professional option) . You don't have to have an LPN to apply for admissons into these programs.

    I looked at their website, and to be honest the first semester in both the programs are identical. That would give a a chance to decide which option you want. You can always transition over to the BSN after you finish your Asociate's. Then you may be able to get an employer to pay for it. Or you can just do it all at once. Calumet DOES give you options.

    The way I translate the info off the site the first nursing class is NURS 181, EthosI/ The Freshman experience. It does not look like you have to be officially in the program to take it. It is a survey course that helps you decide if nursing is what you really want. The other 1st semester classes are all prereq's that will tranfer to any college in the nation (Yale,Harvard, or Ivy Tech). So even if you HATE Calumet, you can leave and still be in good shape.


    Here is some contact info I got off the site. Call them up. Dazzle them with your eagerness.....lol

    To schedule a visit or for further information, please contact:
    Jeannie Mayer, Secretary
    Undergraduate Nursing Program
    Purdue University Calumet
    School of Nursing
    2200 169th Street
    Hammond, IN* 46323
    (219) 989-2814

    I think you will do well at any school. Ivy Tech or Calumet. Try posting in the Indiana or student forums for info (read dirt) on both schools.

    More later... gotta take out the trash...
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