Let's motivate one another to keep pushing!

  1. Applications are going out this fall, classes are getting into full swing, the pressure is on, and my confidence is low. I've been coming here to AN almost every day and reading threads about who got what scores and what schools accept which numbers--it's all so scary! I decided to get into nursing knowing that I wanted to help people and because I'm interested in health, I didn't expect this insane amount of pressure and possible waiting periods. Don't get me started on all of the different schools pre-req's and requirements, it's a full time job just trying to keep up with how to apply!

    It all started to get to me at the beginning of this semester and a little voice in my head said, "It's too much, why are you doing this? What if you don't get in?" Well, this is what I have to say........what if? Then so what! I'll apply again, apply again, apply again. When I adopted this attitude and told myself to not be scared of the sciences and the application process then I gained some confidence and some momentum. It's really turned my attitude around about my goal to go to nursing school.

    I know all of you out there are having some of the same issues as I am so I thought I would start a post where we can vent our concerns and then talk them out and encourage one another by posting the positive aspects of this process.

    I'll go first:

    I'm scared that my pre-req GPA won't be good enough. I'm worried that with a B in Anatomy and still having 2 sciences in progress (Micro & and O Chem) that I'm set up to have a mediocre pre-req GPA. I started studying for the TEAS test and thought "I got this" but then realized I made some silly grammar mistakes that are making me review elementary English (who really knows the names of sentence fragments, honestly?!?). I am also afraid of not getting into schools because I'm fighting with my old college over an Eng Composition II class that they're saying I withdrew from but I didn't and I don't want to have to retake such a basic course. Oh--and I live in another state now so I can't just go up there and raise hell, it takes me 15mins to get someone on the phone to ask a question.

    But......you know what? My GE GPA is not bad. I have 3 C's from really early on in my gen-ed's but it's still a 3.6 overall. My pre-req GPA is great....all A's except the B in Anatomy. It's still early in the semester for the classes I'm in so there is not reason to be worried about the potential end grades because I have so much time ahead of me to prove that I can and will get an A in both of these science course. And I have 2 months before I'm taking the TEAS so that is plenty of time to review and test myself and be very prepared. I am excited to apply knowing that, yes, it is very competitive (especially in CA) but that if I apply to enough schools then my chances of getting in a good. Just keep myself on plan and I should be fine.

    Ok, anyone else want to vent all of their frustrations and then talk some sense into yourself? It feels good.
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  3. by   zoe92
    I needed this! I have applied to four schools' BSN programs for the spring. I had a bad first year in school with a different major, but then transferred to a CC to do my science pre reqs and take electives. Did ok in those (B in bio 101, B in nutrition, C in micro). Then summer 2012 hit. I tried to cram in Chemistry 1 with A & P 1... 8 credits in 8 weeks. While my S/O was in basic military training. Bad move. I got a C in chemistry but failed A & P 1. Now I am retaking it with an amazing teacher. My school allows you to retake 1 class and they replace your GPA with that grade but I am nervous other schools won't like it. I know I can get an A in it this semester. I hope I get a chance from one school to prove myself. I am in Phi Theta Kappa, been on Dean's List, have a 3.5 without the F (which will be gone at the end of the semester), worked in health care for 2 years, a lot of volunteer experience, and got a great score on the TEAS. I am hoping and praying!!!
  4. by   audrey17
    Hey i am currently working on my pre-reqs can u tell me how hard a&p is? Im super nervous cuz my high school didnt offer it so i feel everybody else is way ahead of me already also i love the fact that u want to help keep others motivated i would love to help keep u motivated and maybe we can keep in contact somehow? =)
  5. by   britthohenbrink
    I didnt think that A&P1 was too bad.... A&P2 has a lot more material but is by far more interesting. I made an A in A&P1 and am in the process of taking A&P2 right now.