Kent State Accelerated BSN Fall 2018

  1. Applied for the Accelerated BSN program at Kent for Fall 2018! I know the university had a prerequisite shift this year-has anyone applied? Understand the "point system?"
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  3. by   Futurernbsn4242
    Getting closer to hearing about acceptance! Anyone else apply? I would love to chat!
  4. by   iKON_1984
    I did apply!! do you know when decisions will be sent??
  5. by   Futurernbsn4242
    Finally!!! Someone else to talk to about this crazy journey! The application said July 13 we should receive a decision but the college of nursing said closer to July 6! Which cohort did you apply for?!
  6. by   iKON_1984
    I know!!! I have been searching through to see if there were any posts created but I couldn't find any. Student services said second week of July but advising said Friday after July 4th which is the 6th. Oh it's fall the Fall Daytime cohort and u?
  7. by   Futurernbsn4242
    Night/weekend fits best with my schedule! I can't wait to hear back! What was your gpa, and science gpa? We're you able to finish your prerequisites before summer semester?
  8. by   iKON_1984
    3.4 and 3.7 respectively, Yeah I was able to. Do you know how many people might have applied?
  9. by   Futurernbsn4242
    Wow that puts you an 8.1/9 total points! You have a really good shot to get in! I'm at a 3.3 cum and 3.5 sci gpa with that lovely prerequisite point too! I have no clue how many people applied-I was going to ask you if you heard about that
  10. by   iKON_1984
    Hopefully everything goes well and they reply by the end of next week
  11. by   Futurernbsn4242
    Right! Reply and let me know when you get your acceptance email! I know you're getting in!
  12. by   Jmcnutt
    Pumped to hear back soon as well!
  13. by   iKON_1984
    No problem, I will!! Good luck to all of us then.
  14. by   Futurernbsn4242
    Hey! Have you heard anything jmcnutt about the program number of applicants? What cohort did you apply to?!!!