Jobs for student nurses?

  1. i have another quetion for you wonderful pre-nurses [s]yay[/s]
    right now i am a direct care/ residential assistant in group homes for adults with mr/dd. now, don't get me wrong i love it, it is just that with the 12-hour shifts, i can only work 2 days a week, fridays and every other sat. and sun. i am working on general ed. stuff now so it is easy for the most part. i absolutely cannot take more days at this job becuase it is emotionally and physically draining, as it is little ol' me alone and 4 grown men with behavioral issues.

    do any of you know of any other entry-level jobs that i could pick up for a few short hours during the week? i need something related to health care with on the job training.

    ps!!! for any of you students looking for a job also... what i do is regard to experience and as part of my future resume. there is always work, when you want to pick up, and from going to other houses i have had experience in working with mild to severe mrdd and individuals with cerebral palsy. it certified me in cpr, first aid, and self defense. and i also pass meds, properly documenting in mars...etc... great experience for future nurses!

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  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    Have you checked local hospitals for CNA, or tech positions? In addition, there are unit clerk, registration, etc., positions....

    You pass MEDS?!?!
  4. by   RunnerLuvLisa
    yes, i pass meds!
    i know, i get that all the time. all of the resident assistants, home managers, and program coordinators for each house can pass meds. it was part of my orientation i am a "delegated nurse"... but i guess they aren't called that anymore... possibly "delegated med passer", i'd have to look in my company manual.
    i was trained by one of the lpn's in our company to pass oral, topical, vaginal, anal, emergecy meds... etc...
    it was one of our little sections of orientation.
    when you are in a house that has individuals with g-tubes... you also get trained for that.
    we use mars, initial and everything, under our name not a higher positioned person.
  5. by   CuriousMe
    Quote from wdwpixie
    Have you checked local hospitals for CNA, or tech positions? In addition, there are unit clerk, registration, etc., positions....

    You pass MEDS?!?!
    I do the same kind of job....but I only work 7 hour shifts and the house I work in is more medical than behavioral....but we do have incidents on occasion. Yes, we pass meds. It's considered home health care, if these guys could live on their own....they would take their own prescription and over the counter meds....we're just doing that part for them. All perfectly legal and within our scope of training.....and like wdwpixie we document everything on MARS, TARS and PRN well as Health & Behavior notes, skin trauma notes, behavioral tracking....what else...oh yeah, ISP Goal's a lot of freaking paperwork!


  6. by   Megsd
    I'd look into being a home health aide. I worked as one for about six months prior to nursing school and it was really nice because I pretty much made my own schedule and there were always extra cases to pick up for extra money. My company also reimbursed me for travel time and mileage, which helped out a lot. Depending on the needs of the patients, the time you spend with them varies anywhere from 30 minutes (for a bath visit) to hours.