Is this the right direction for me?

  1. Hi,
    I am considering nursing school but I am not sure if it is the best direction for me and I would love some thoughts!

    Right now I own my own business as a lactation educator and postpartum doula. I love love love the work, but it's part-time and the money is inconsistent, and the hours are extremely variable. Recently it has become clear that I will soon need to divorce my lying cheating husband. He has already made it clear he will do whatever he can to avoid child support (I have three children 12, 4, and 1). So I decided to look into getting hired by a hospital in their lactation programs. Unfortunately, while several are hiring, they want RN's. Needing something stable, I'm wondering if this is the direction I should be going?

    Additional information- I have no interest in being a "regular" nurse- I just want to work with new moms and breastfeeding. Worse, I am extremely needle phobic. I previously went to college with an Animal Science major (and amazingly didn't get over my needle thing) and am a semester short of my bachelor's. So if I attempt to get my RN- should I finish the semester then try to get into a Master's nursing program? Change my bachelor's major? Or what direction should I go? Plus my grades are only ok- ~3.0- but from what I hear getting accepted is very competitive. Which makes no sense to me as there is such a big deal in California about our extreme nurse shortage.

    Sorry it's so long but I wanted to get as much relevant information in as possible. Please Help!!
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Only you can decide if this is the right direction for you to take in your life. Right now it sounds like you might be in crisis mode and so you may be grasping at straws by turning to the nursing profession. On the other hand, maybe this is the best thing for you?

    In any case, you came to the right board to do some research. This place has LOADS of information on the nursing profession and you can gain a better sense of what is available by reading through the threads and running searches.

    By the way, all nurses (ADNs, BSNs, MSN.. etc) must receive basic training in nursing care (i.e. regular nursing) within nursing school and, depending on many factors, after graduation. So, there is no way around that requirement.

    I too have a background in lactation education as well as chronic disorders. Now I am a student nurse. I am learning really quickly that nurses DO NOT think like the rest of the world. So although you worked as a lactation consultant, the fact that you were not a Registred Nurse might be a problem right after graduation.

    The reason being, Registered Nurses have a scope of practice that exceeds what you and I were allowed to do in health education. In addition, Registered Nurses are taught to think differently compared to non-nurses who work as lactation consultants. On the other hand, given your background it might be possible for you to move into Nurse Education and continue to work as a lactation consultant sooner then the average new grad once you have the proper education and training.

    Please be sure to ask some of the nurses that work as Nurse Educators more detailed questions. Here is a forum to get you started:

    Good luck.:wink2:
  4. by   DesertRain
    Hi there, and just wanted to agree with MBA2BRN, this is a great place for you to get all information and do some research. First of all I wanted to say that I am sorry to hear about your husband. I too have been through that and it sucks, I know but don't think your husband can just get off without paying child support....if you live in the United States (and actually many parts of the world) the authorities do not take child support lightly and he is obligated by law to pay you....too bad for him but that's what he has to do and in America they are serious about that--but that's a whole other topic I can right novels about. I also have an interest in becoming a Lactation Consultant while I am going through nursing school. There actually are nurses dedicated to that alone which I am sure you already know but in regards to what you were saying about the pay being inconsistent with your own business, being a nurse will probably ensure you a salary that will promise a paycheck even if for some horrible reason one day a news report comes out saying that breastfeeding is bad and every women decides not to do it (you and I both know that would never happen lol but hypothetically)...a contract with a facility is a contract and you will still get paid. And yes having those two letters following your name does give you an upper hand these days. Becoming an RN does not mean you have to stray from your passion. I have every intent on becoming a doula this summer between spring & fall semesters, finishing my RN, working in L&D, and eventually pursuing and MSN hopefully one day becoming a Certified Nurse Midwife where I hopefully will do what I really want to do and work with mothers. I understand that through nursing school and possibly through apprenticeship I will have to be faced with parts of nursing that I am not looking forward to, nor do I have an interest in but the way I see it, every life changing and rewarding moment doesn't present itself without sacrifices. For example I am currently in CNA training and I am not fond of the Long Term Care environment or geriatrics simply because I am afraid of facing the reality that these patients will not be around for so long, and I am extremely emotional that way but I have to deal with it to give me an advantage to get into my schools nursing program.
    Regarding your fear of needles---girl, me too! I hate needles, on myself, giving injections....but just a heads up...that's what we have Phlebotomists for!!! WOOHOO and kudos to them for being able to do that without cringing. Yes you will have to deal with them but probably not as much as you are anticipating (like how everyone thinks all nurses do is wipe butts--not true ) Another thing I noticed is that the more and more I learn about human anatomy and physiology the easier it becomes to deal with all those "gross" things....I mean I think "gross anatomy" is the best pun ever--and probably was "intended" lol.

    Now, with you being being just one semester shy of a Bachelor's Degree, my suggestion (and keep in mind it is only my opinion and there are several other options) is to finish your Bachelor's and go from there. Like you noticed, getting into nursing programs are very competitive but you have an advantage and probably would be an easier way to get into it and quicker as you won't be spending all your time on pre-req's. Plus, as far as I have researched...GPA's matter so much more when you are awaiting entrance to an ADN or BSN program as it is much more of a competition. With your 3.0 and a Bachelors, and some school shopping, I think you would get in and become an RN in no time, and get back to working on the mommies and babies. I hope this helps you a little if at all and I do wish you the best of luck. Please keep in touch and let us know what you decide to do!
  5. by   WDWpixieRN
    I have always hated needles, too....I got to where I could handle the smaller needle sticks on myself after donating platelets a number of times (I think they use horse needles for those!!), but found myself getting goosebumps and shivering and my gut aching while watching the videos for injections checkout...interesting though, that after sticking a number of oranges, and the dummy in the lab, it wasn't bad at all doing injections on first was a heparin and insulin SQ on my unsuspecting pt in clinicals, which eventually progressed to a flu-shot clinic....piece of cake!!

    Now, I'm dreading IV insertions!! ARGH!!

    I think if you decide you want to go this route, you will find there is lots you can get wishes to you in your future....
  6. by   serrdon
    Thanks MBA2BRN for the link, I'm sure it's going to be *very* helpful.

    DesertRain- Definitely under normal circumstances my husband would have no choice and couldn't avoid child support but he's already told me he won't pay and will leave the country before he will pay. How can one person change sooo much!?! Good luck with your Doula program, I've been thinking about going through the labor doula program, but I have enough going on right now! :-)

    wdwpixie- LOL at your poor unsuspecting pt.! Isn't ignorance bliss at times!

    Thanks for all your help and advise. This has been such a trying time but thankfully I have wonderful family willing to help me while I go to school and some time to make my choices as my husband is in Iraq still. Ijust can't believe how competitive it is getting into nursing school!