Is it true Chamberlain has a min of 7 semesters?

  1. Is it true that no matter how many of the credits i am able to transfer over from community college over to Chamberlain, i will need to do 7 semesters minimum before graduating? The adviser there told me that i would need to attend a minimum of 7 semesters but what if i take more pre-reqs that transfer over? I only have 20 more months left of G.I. bill so i need to know how much student loan im going to need once my G.I. Bill runs out.
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  3. by   lifelearningrn
    I believe they are on a 'trimester' system, so their are three semesters in a year. So for a BSN- seven of their semesters is probably close.

    Having said that, have you tried public university programs? I've heard mixed reviews on Chamberlain.
  4. by   freyes
    Well my GPA is only 2.75 because of two Fs i got back in 2003 before i joined the military which screwed up my GPA. My GPA since coming back is about 3.2.. NIU requires 3.5 for their nursing program. UIC is 2.75 but highly competitive. Aurora University is 2.75 but i need min 3.0 to stay competitive. My 2.75 GPA wont cut it in the public universities unless i am granted Academic Amnesty

    .What about Chamberlain do you hear?

    what im wondering is if i take more of the optional pre-reqs that i can take in cheaper CC instead of taking them at Chamberlain, would i still have to do 7 semesters at Chamberlain before graduating?
  5. by   lifelearningrn
    When I say mixed reviews is I've heard some people say that Chamberlain prepared nurses have a harder time finding a job because it's not as respected a school- but on the other hand I've heard some employers prefer Chamberlain because they are well trained. I'd so some research on the campus you're considering since I'm sure this varies by state/location.

    They are saying seven semesters including all the pre-reqs being taken there? That would be a quick route to a BSN, if you don't already have the prereqs.. doing it at CC will take longer but be a lot cheaper in the long run. Is the GI Bill unlimited until it expires? If so, you might as well do the whole program at Chamberlain where you know the credits are going to count. You'll want to see the whole thing through at that point though.. because the pre-reqs taken at Chamberlain may not be accepted anywhere else but Chamberlain.. unlike a CC where they tend to have smooth articulation agreements with nearby public universities.
  6. by   FutureNeoNursing
    I spoke to an advisor at Chamberlain,they told me at least 9 semesters,so if u are bringing in credits 7 semesters is about right...
  7. by   freyes
    ok i was wondering because i only have 20 months left of G.I. bill. so i will end up having to take out a loan before i graduate