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I attended a Nursing Asst program in '97. I missed one day of clinicals which was to be made up, but not scheduled for a little over a month after I completed the NA program. I was 36 at the time... Read More

  1. by   Daytonite
    Blaire. . .a kind of similar thing happened to my mother. After all us kids were in high school she decided to finally go to practical nursing school. She only went a few weeks when my father had a ruptured cerebral aneurysm that changed all our lives forever. She had to quit school to become my father's full time caregiver. Some years later after he was stabilized, but now permanently disabled and no longer able to work, they both decided to sell the house and move to California. She promptly registered in the vocational nursing program where we moved to and she lived off the money from the sale of the house. She was nearly 50 years old at the time. She ended up working as an LVN until she was 68 and loved every minute of it. No, you're not too old to get started. You bring with you life experience, something that only living for a time can give you. A good deal of nursing involves common sense, something else you develop with time. What are you waiting for?
  2. by   Daytonite
    i wanted to pull this thread out of the mothballs because i ran across an article that pertains to what the op was asking. for those of you "oldies" out there that worry about your age and going to nursing school, please read on:
  3. by   RNin2007
    my friend is 50...just finished her pre-reqs (today) and is waiting to hear if she has been accepted...

    Go for it! You have it in you, and that is what matters.

  4. by   adamsmom
    It's not too late. When I turned 40 I decided to change my life. I quit my job, got a job as an CNA and started college. I had never stepped foot in a college until age 41. I now am taking pre reqs and will start nursing school in the fall. I currently have a 4.0 at least right now.

    Good luck.