Interview Tips?

  1. I've applied to 5 nursing schools and tomorrow I have my first interview! Has anyone gone through this yet? What should I expect? How can I stand out?

    I'm really nervous! This is my first choice school. The tuition is so affordable. There were 180 applicants for 40 spots.

    Wish me luck! PLEASE!
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  3. by   soccer
    Make sure you know about their specific nursing program, what they expect, there mission, ect. When I had an interview it was over the phone, but have things ready in your mind of what you might be asked and how you will respond. If yours is over the phone, write out some possible questions you think they might ask like, "why do you want to become a nurse, what experiences do you have in nursing, do you know what your getting into, what do you do to handle stress." You can have all of this infront of you just in case you freeze up.
    If its in person, dress nice, be yourself and really show them you want to go there by proving good eye contact, give example of suitations you have delt with in the past and how you handled the suitation. Come prepared with a resume and other materials they might want like transcripts. Tell them what there school offers and that's what draws you to that specific school.
    I hope this helps. I am just throwing some stuff out there. Good luck!
  4. by   carolinapooh
    If by chance you do find yourself stumped, there is NO harm in saying, "I'd like to think about that for a second" - and then think through your answer. While you can't take all day, obviously, you can take a couple of seconds to sort out your thoughts - which could make all the difference in your answer.

    And have questions for them. Interviewers love that. Ask the interviewer how they interpret the school's mission; if the school has some sort of tag line (ours is for the whole university - "The difference is Duke") ask them what they feel that means (I asked my interviewer, who ended up being my adviser, what she felt the Duke difference is). You're showing interest in the school and its faculty by being curious about them.

    Something else I did. Duke had 200 apps for 56 slots. After my interview, which was when I realized I wanted to go there more than anything in the world, I went out and got thank you notes and wrote a short one to my interviewer, thanking her for her time and closing with "I look forward to seeing you on campus in the fall" - the same type of note you should send after a job interview. I went a bit farther...I spent a bit more and bought Crane paper notes (the watermark is quite distinctive; I used to do my resumes in Crane paper and it NEVER went unnoticed or unremarked upon by the person interviewing me) edged in Duke blue, with envelopes lined in Duke blue. Best $12 I ever spent...I think it's perfectly acceptable to thank an interviewer - basically, it IS a job interview after all - and I'd be willing to bet you'd be one of just a few that would think of such a touch. Send that thank you note (NEATLY NEATLY handwritten and in ink!) WITHIN TWO DAYS OF THE INTERVIEW, and not one moment later. Send it the very next day or even the same day if you can. Do this even if you have a phone interview.

    Just my own two cents. GOOD LUCK and keep us posted.
  5. by   veronica123
    Do most schools do interviews? In all the material I've received, there was never any mention of an interview. ty
  6. by   GottaGetIn
    Great tips! Thank you!!!! I'm so nervous. OMG!
    I'll never sleep tonight. LOL

    Veronica, not every school will interview. Out of the 5 I applied to, only 2 interview.