Interpreting NET Scores

  1. Hello all, I just took my NET yesterday and wanted to compare grades to those who have been accepted by nursing programs. I made the following:

    NET Composite Score: my score 65%; average is 64% and passing is 50%
    NET Percentage Rank: my score 52; average is 50 and passing is 17.
    Overall Comp. Math: my score 72%; average 69% and passing 52%
    Composite Reading: my score 58%; average 59% and passing 43%
    Testtaking Skills Level: 33: Instructional

    I am shocked that a rank of 17 is acceptable to get into nursing school.

    How did you guys do and what do the nursing schools look for in this information?

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  3. by   tntech1
    You passed, but your scores are ok. My composite pencentile score was 98. It depends on how well others will score on the test and how many people who took the test that day. You are in the middle well you scored better than 48 people out of 100 who had taken the test??? I think that's how it goes. Call the testing center. Their infomation should be on your test score paper. GOOD LUCK!!!
  4. by   abrainerd
    I have a 3.8 GPA in school but do not do well on final/comprehensive tests. I think they should put more emphasis on your GPA over the NET because doing well on the NET does not translate to educational excellence.
  5. by   tntech1
    Why do they require you to take test if it has no bearing? Just check with the school. Trust me if they require you to take the NET it has a purpose. Your GPA is good but if they have to choose between you and another student with the same GPA the student with the higher NET score might get the seat. I am just saying. I would find out how much weight the NET score carries so far as getting into nursing school. It might not matter.
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  6. by   DAMomma
    My school go by your GPA first, like the previous poster, if it came down to 2 people wiith a 3.5 GPA, the person with the higher NET score would get the spot. They use the NEW as a tie breaker.

    My composite was 71% I don't remember my other scores. The school where I took my NET required a passing of at least 64%. I applied and got into nursing school with a 3.67 GPA.
  7. by   tntech1
    abrainerd your GPA has you in good standing but I would call the school just to be sure of your NET scores .:spin:
  8. by   abrainerd
    Yes, I sent the school an email to see how they weight the NET. I am disappointed I just got average and might retake it to get a better score.
  9. by   KEL2BanRN
    I took it last Spring and got an 81 on it. I'm getting ready to take it again on Jan 9th. I was told I have a good enough score to most likely get recruited for this fall, but I NEED to get in, so I'm hoping to raise my score a few more points. I didn't study much the first time, but this time I'm going to. They go by NET score here for the wait list.
  10. by   Testa Rosa, RN
    I took the NET last week, and my results just arrived today. My composite score is 82. I wish I knew what this meant relative to the application pool. Is it good or is it just OK. I know it's not bad, but I suspect it's not spectacular.

    I also have a real low score (50%) in test taking skills of all things; oh well, don't think that's looked at very closely in any official way, but it might not put me in a good light seeing as we all have to pass the NCLEX after nursing school.

    I scored in the high 90's with my TEAS test, but the only time I could take the NET was during finals week, so of course I wasn't able to study for it as much as I would've liked. I had mistakenly thought the NET was way easier than the TEAS. And, since I had done so well on the TEAS, I figured I would wing it on the NET. I studied for the NET when I could between finals studying (which was usually when I was waiting in the car to pick up one of my kids or watching a soccer game).

    It all seemed pretty easy sitting in that car seat.....but if you've not worked on basic math and English concepts in a looooong time, those simple little rules that you could do with your eyes closed at home will have a tendency to slip from your mind when your all hyped up for a test (like how to spell heroes, or change a number into an improper fraction--ACK!).

    What gets me, just now when I went online to research what is considered a passing NET score from the Entry Level MSN program I'm interested in applying to, I find out that they are NOW looking at the NET scores competitively. What!?!?!

    Last year, when I attended an advisement session at this school, all they were expecting was a passing score (numbers in the 50's and 60's from what I remember). I remember this clearly because a woman I had sat next to was having a cow over the fact that she had to take an entrance test (I have a MBA and 10 years in yada yada yada), and the advisor was reassuring her that all that would be required was a passing score of 60 something and that any of us in that room should be capable of doing this, especially if we spent a reasonable amount of time reviewing from the ERI study book.

    Had I known the NET score was going to be part of a competitive ranking system, I would've taken it much more seriously. LikeI did for the TEAS which is 40% of your points for the CSU BSN program I am also applying to. Applications for the Entry Level MSN are due January 15th, so now my decent but not very spectacular composit score of 82 will have to carry me through.

    Wish me luck. I think I'm going to slip in a copy of my TEAS results into my application. The ELMSN program is at an expensive private school which I can't imagine affording....what with three kids that will need to go to college soon after I graduate and start paying my own student loans off. So, maybe a ho-hum score in the NET is meant to be.

    The CSU system I'm also applying to has always stated up front that the TEAS score is part of your competitive ranking, and that's why I was shooting for a spectatular score with the TEAS.

    Long story short: Let this be a lesson to all of you prenursing students in Allnurses world. Take all these entrance tests very seriously. Always shoot for a competitive score as the rules may switch on you midstream.

    Many Blessings during this crazy busy season.
  11. by   qaqueen
    At my school, the NET seems to be a formality that must be endured. I have a 3.4 GPA. The requirement here for the NET is only that you score 50% or better. I took the NET a few months ago. My composite was 84%, average was 56%, passing is 50%, and high risk was 41%. I was not given percentile ranking.
  12. by   tntech1
    Quote from qaqueen
    At my school, the NET seems to be a formality that must be endured. I have a 3.4 GPA. The requirement here for the NET is only that you score 50% or better. I took the NET a few months ago. My composite was 84%, average was 56%, passing is 50%, and high risk was 41%. I was not given percentile ranking.
    Your percentile should be pretty good, at least in the upper 90 percentile. Unless other's scored higher. It all depends on how well other performed. My score is 82% and my percentile rank was 98. 99 is the highest.
  13. by   qaqueen
    Thanks for the info tntech1. I was curious why that section of my results was not filled out.

    thanks again
  14. by   busylady61
    This is an interesting thread.

    I think my overall composite was 85%, and I passed the reading and math sections with no problem. However I scored "frustration level" on my test taking skills. Go figure... apparently my test taking skills didn't prevent me from doing well on the NET!

    I hope the test taking skills score isn't used against me in the future as I continue my education.