I'm sooooo bored!

  1. I seriously cannot wait for the summer semester to begin. School has been out about a week now, and I am already bored to death. I'm not even going to get started with that STUPID letter that should arrive here any day now! I am sick of waiting. Wait for the letter, wait for summer classes, wait for my boyfriend to fly home every Thursday....wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! I should start charging for all the waiting I do! I'd be one wealthy lady, muhahaha!!!
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  3. by   VIXEN007
    You must have a lot of free time. That must be wonderful.
  4. by   jessica<3RN
    I finally listened to my boyfriend and quit my job in January, so I could focus on school. It was never a necessity for me to work, and I would stress myself out for nothing. Working 9pm-3am bar hours are pretty crappy when you have a kiddo, and have to get up at 7am every morning. After 3.5 years I'm glad that's all behind me. I'm sure there are a ton of women and men who can relate.
    I really enjoy school and feel as if my life is lacking something when not constantly attending school.
  5. by   destined2bCRNA
    Johnna quest I can totally relate. I just quit my job bartending from 6-3am. I don't know how I did it having to leave the house by 6:30 to get to school by 8am (public transportation). It did wear some on my grades though
  6. by   lisabeth
    I know how you feel. The waiting is a killer. Just try to stay really busy.