I need some serious help

  1. My name is Jeff and I'm currently attending a community college with a passion for the nursing field. I'm seriously stuck and really could use some honest help with it. I've goofed off my first year or so of school and that really affected my GPA. my current GPA overall is a 2.0 and I'm working really hard to fix it. My classes right now are going to be straight A's and I've been removing a lot of distractions from my life. I do still have a heavy background that will prove my passion for nursing (resume) as well as good people in the medical field to write letters for me. But I do know that won't cut it. The GPA is what matters and to be honest, I'm not sure what to do which is why I came onto here. I really want to be a nurse practitioner with a DNP one day to open up my own peds. clinic but I figured any route will do for me. Should I graduate from this community college with an associates in liberal arts with the GPA I'll have or should I transfer out and pursue a different career (perhaps physician assistant). I understand this will follow me where ever I go, so I really need some serious help. Any input or questions are strongly encouraged and appreciated. I'm 20 years old, I need to get my academic life on track. Thank you all for your time.

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  3. by   Luchador
    First off-- R E L A X. You are 20. People screw up way-- WAY -- worse than you did and end up very successful.

    As to the specifics of your question you should go talk to an academic adviser at one of the places you want to apply to. They will be the only ones you should really listen to, anyway.

    My prereq GPA was really bad for an RN student-- 3.2. But I got into a program that is excellent-- I appreciate it more and more when I read all the horrible student experiences being posted here.

    p.s. When I say "academic adviser" I mean someone in the RN department
  4. by   203bravo
    Luchador offered some sound advice.. another thing is to start applying once you have finished your prereqs and are qualified... the worse that could happen is that you don't get accepted and if this happens then you could take the time until the next application cycle to either retake some of the courses that you may not have done so well in - to boost your GPA - or take additional courses that could help boost your gpa...

    If you have any programs that admit using the lottery system who knows you may get lucky on round one

    Best of luck.