I have a Bachelor's and want to transition to Nursing

  1. I need advice!

    I currently have a Bachelor's degree (GPA 3.33) in a non-nursing field. I have had a calling to the field and really need some guidance. I would have to take all of the science prerequisites for any program that I apply for. My ultimate goal is to become a CNM but I see that as a goal for 10 or more years down the road and would like to work as an RN for at least 5-7 years prior to starting any Doctorate work.

    As I see it, I have two options.

    1. Go for my associates degree and work as an RN, spending less than $15,000 total.
    2. Go to the U of MN (or Metro State University), take all of the pre-requisites at nearly $500/credit, and pray that I am accepted to one or the other Entry-Level Master Programs, spending over $50,000.

    I am confident that I will do well in the prerequisite courses (3.8 GPA or above) but I'm just extremely nervous that if I take the courses at the U of M and then do not get accepted into the program...I've really wasted thousands of $$. HELP!! I am certain this is my path in life and I'm 100% dedicated to it.
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  3. by   Sweet charm
    Have you thought about taking all the pre-reqs at a community college?
  4. by   Guinevere39
    Yes, can you take prereqs at a community college? If there is more than one schooling option in your area, find out what the requirements are for all of them (they're probably similar). Also, to go on to be a CNM, you'll need your bachelors anyhow, so why not try to get it right away? Otherwise you're going to have to pay for your RN, your RN-to-BSN, and your CNM.
  5. by   nursingstudent_2014
    Have you tried looking for universities that offer accelerated nursing programs? There are some universities that will offer a bachelor's degree in a 15 month track. Depending on the credits you have, they might be transferred in, you just have to look at the prerequisites. Have you tried speaking to the college advisors in these schools you are interested in? I hope I answered your question
  6. by   nursingstudent_2014
    The accelerated nursing mainly request that you have a previous bachelor's degree (at least the ones I know of) so try looking those up
  7. by   whattodo4
    id say you have 4 options:

    1) Get into an accelerated BSN 2nd degree program, usually they go from 15months-2years
    2) Get into a Traditonal 4 year program, however having college classes under your belt you would proably start out at the sophomore level
    3) Go to a CC, remebers its not really 2 years. Unless you have the preqs done, you will have to spend a year or so doing the prereqs then applying to the CC program, so really a community college is 3 years
    4) Go lpn route then lpn-rn, or lpn-bsn

    My situation was somewhat familar to yours. I graduated college with a non nursing 4 year degree and I am currently doing option 2 right now, in a 4 year university program, but because I did most of the prerequsites I am at the sophomore level, if this semster is a success I will be a junior next year -the clincal portion! What I would recomend regardless of what you want to do is get as many prereqs done as possbile, most places they will not consider your applicatoin until the pre reqs are done and it just makes your application more competitive. Prereqs vary a bit by school/program but they usually go: Anatomy/Phys 1&2, Microbio, Stats, some type of Chem. I would recommend taking the preqreqs at a CC, for cost and more class avabliltiy.

    A note for option 2 the CC route, bear in mind that CCs prefer to accept thier own students before "outside" students into their nursing program. So lets say you went to CC A- you did all your prerequsites at CC A and now you wish to apply to a Nursing program. Of course you will apply to CC A but you want to apply to more than one program, so you also apply to the Nursing programs at CC B, CC-D, CC-E. Now lets say the preqres for CC B,D,E are the same as the prereqs at CC A, yet your chances of getting into those other community colleges (aside from CC A) will be incredibly low because you have not been a student at thier college. Some Comunity colleges even if you have all the prereqs done will still not accept your application unless you have already done 6 credits at thier school-means you will have to spend 1 semster taking BS classes just to fill their policy.
  8. by   HammockBound
    I guess it depends on the colleges near you. Un. Miami here is listed at 40,000 for the accelerated. My local state college is around $12000 plus books. I havent looked into the masters cost but I dont see any in Florida that offer entry level masters from another BS. The accelerated here is 3 full time semesters. summer 16, fall 19, spring. 20 credits.

    The traditional track is not much difference...except you have it spread out over 5 semesters (at least here) summer, fall, spring, fall, spring with with less credit hours each semester.
  9. by   mandilee428
    You can also look into accelerated program that allow someone who already has a Bachelor's Degree to earn their BSN in about 16 months. They have pre-req classes that you may not have (depending on what your degree is in), but you can take them at a community college.