I have a question about becoming a ob nurse

  1. i was just wondering about becoming a ob nurse. does anyone know if there is classes out there pointed directly on becoming a ob nurse? or do you just got to go ahead and take the normal nursing classes??
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  3. by   allthingsbright
    HI-yes, you take all the normal nursing classes because you will need each and every one of them. As an OB nurse you will have all kinds of patients because all kinds of people give birth--from the schizophrenics to the diabetics and everything in between. You will need to know it all. Plus in nursing school we have a class focused just on OB and Mother/Baby.
    Hope that answers your question. GL!
  4. by   sddlnscp
    Hi! Just wanted to add a bit to allthingsbright's response. That is correct, you will get your RN through your choice of ADN/BSN routes and it will be generalized. Then, when you are hired onto an OB floor, they typically will pair you with someone who will "precept" you for a certain amount of time on an orientation. At that point, you will learn many more skills specific to the area you are going to pursue, which in your case is OB. They will teach you far more in-depth detail regarding your specialty and most hospitals have orientations that are set up specifically for "new grads".

    Best of luck in your pursuit! Enjoy the journey!