I didnt do so good in highschool

  1. My grades wasn't so good in highschool but my college gpa is now a 3.8 I finish all my general courses & working on my pre-reqs next semester do I still have a chance of getting into the program?
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  3. by   Band
    Yes why not?
  4. by   keya86tiff
    No because I didn't have good grades in highschool & most nursing school ask for you highschool transcript just wanting to follow other people & now it caught up to me in the long run! I wish I would of listened LOL but I will keep striving for a 4.0 in all my pre reqs
  5. by   Stephalump
    I don't think I've ever heard of a nursing program requesting high school transcripts unless you were entering straight out of high school?
  6. by   queserasera
    I dropped out of high school, and I'm doing just fine. I just interviewed with my nursing school of choice (more of an info interview, not the actual application interview.) They said they didn't care as long as I had my GED and good college grades.
  7. by   maddiem
    The only reason a nursing school would ask for your high school transcripts is to verify that you graduated. High school course work is irrelevant once you've taken all your prerequisite courses in college.
  8. by   DeBerham
    I failed several classes in high school and was very close to not graduating (had to take summer courses between my junior and senior year). I went into the military, was given some discipline that was sorely needed, pulled my s*** together, went back to college and received good grades. I got into a bachelors of nursing program and am now working on my masters. I was young, foolish, made a LOT of mistakes, and if anyone asked me I would admit as much. The grades that you have earned in college should redeem whatever mistakes you made in high school. If your school asks you explain how you've changed since then and that your grades reflect that.
  9. by   keya86tiff
    Good I feel so much better...thanks everyone it had me scared I thought they looked at ur grades! I guess there are always second chances I just gotta keep my grades up & I will be just fine! Can't wait to apply 2014 I'm ready to get in its really stressful it's taking forever LOL good luck to everyone!
  10. by   Katieerin
    My college also requests transcripts. I dropped out and got my GED. My advisor knows this who is over the nursing program. I see her once a semester and she doesn't seem concerned. Maybe you should speak to someone over the nursing program to ease your nerves a little.
  11. by   MedChica
    No one cares what you did in high-school 6 months after graduating from it.

    In the meantime, you have a 3.8 gpa on college-level courses. That trumps whatever you didn't do in high-school.
    If anything it makes you look good. A sign that you've buckled down and are coming into your own as a young adult.