I can finally say it - page 2

That I am a nursing student! I got my acceptance letter today! I am so excited to start this fall it looks like all my hard work paid off!... Read More

  1. by   DolceVita
    Yay for you!!!!!!!
  2. by   Imagine.Peace
    CONGRATS!!! I just applied 2 days ago and can't wait to get my acceptance letter!

  3. by   nsrs2005
    Hey I cannot send private messages as yet but I am also taking fundamentals in nursing along with two other classes. But they are only one credit classes aside from my fundamentals which is 8 credits. Its funny I just looked in your profile and see that you are from MD which I am as well (lol). But anyway which school are you attending and I am also seeking an associate degree.
  4. by   ETovar
    Congratulations! I can't wait to be in your shoes. I apply next year!
  5. by   lovelybrwn
    Congrats!!!! I got my acceptance call from SDSU a few days ago so I know how you feel!!! All the hard work really does pay off! Good luck with your classes!!!
  6. by   Dionyonce
    Whats gonna be more amazing is when we could finally say...."iam an rn"...........:') :') :')
  7. by   Unique87
    NSrs I am from pg county. I go to prince georges community college it's a good school. I've only heard good things about their nursing program. What school do u go to? Yeah I can't wait to say i'm an rn.
  8. by   nsrs2005
    I will be going to Montgomery College in silver spring MD so I am not that far from you. Hey if you have not already picked your classes you can go online to see how the professors are at ratemyprofessor.com
    so when does school start for you. Mines start August 31 and I am in the process of getting my books and starting to read so that will be easier (LOL). But when you get a chance feel free to let me know. I live in the baltimore county so I will get back to you later enjoy