Human Anatomy and Microbiology at the same time... - page 2

I am doing this now, along with a fulltime job. I will have to officially recommend that this not be undertaken. I work 3 or 4 12-15 hour shifts and i go to class on all my off days. Also, anatomy... Read More

  1. by   dreatx
    All matters on the teacher you get, I think. If you get two hard core no (A's) in my class teachers at the same time, then your doomed to take bolth at once.

    Yeah, i think you are right about that. My anatomy teacher seems to be a bit like that. people are getting killed. But Micro is more reasonable so i don't get abused, in terms of workload on that one.

    Studying in snippets, like that other poster said, has really done me right. Even if i am sitting at a bar drinking a beer or two, i have those cards with me and go through them.