How old were you

  1. Sorry if this is bit of a weird question. I was just curious of how old everyone was when they started nursing school,or how old they will be. Once I start next spring I will be around 32. Is this old to be in nursing school,or are there other people around my age?
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  3. by   BreeFutureBSNRN
    I just turned 30 in Sept and I am applying to nursing school for the Fall 2018 yr. So if I get accepted (praying I do) I will be turning 31 that sept once I start. (classes will start in Aug)
  4. by   NuStu
    I applied to a program that will start in June of 2018. June 2018 I will be 37. I have read lots of posts here and it seams the consensus is no, you are never too old if nursing is what you want to do. That is what I am going with, I think being an older student gives us a leg up. We have life experience, and are motivated.
  5. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    I'm 38 and I start next month.
  6. by   Medic6758
    I was 39 when I took my first prerequisite course, and completed my BSN 6 months before my 44th birthday and I was not the oldest in my cohort.
  7. by   Tprofitt
    Looks like I'm the SPRING CHICKEN SO FAR!!! I started @28
  8. by   herwitsend
    just turned 40 and I start January 8th!!
  9. by   funnie17
    Ha! Maybe the question should be: Am I old enough to start nursing school? Just a thought... Seriously though, I have been reading replies to questions just like that from all types of formats for the past two years and there hasn't been a single time where someone suggested that someone could be too old to become a nurse / pursue their dream. I'm 48 and I have already had a successful career in a great field. I'm starting nursing school this coming Feb. (2018). The way I see it, I could literally work bedside for a couple of decades or even longer. I can't wait! Oh, and then maybe I'll go into something like teaching. Who knows what the future might be, but one thing we all know is that it only comes once. Live it the way you want and be the best nurse you can!
    PS I have read of a particular person who started nursing school when she was in her early 60's and is still going strong nearly 10 years later.
  10. by   TheWife510
    I will be 40 when I start school.
  11. by   mindofmidwifery
    I started this past January, I was 21 years old.
  12. by   HalfBoiled
    I started nursing school at 18.
    I could have started sooner but it was a requirement to be of legal age per school policy.
    I think it was for safety and legality reasons.

    FYI, I graduated high school at 16.
  13. by   Jmpickett044
    Thanks for the responses everyone. It does not feel as awkward now being as old as I am.
  14. by   Jmpickett044
    Too everyone who is applying to nursing school,good luck to all of you. Hope you all get accepted.