How many LVN/LPNs out there?

  1. How many LVN/LPNs are out there working on their pre-reqs?

    How do you feel about your current nursing jobs and pay?

    Do you work in the hospital, nursing home, clinics, etc.?
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  3. by   calliesue
    hi I am an lvn and am working on my prereqs. Currently working in longterm care .which pays better for lvns . Plus seems like a lot of hospitals do not want to hire lvns.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I'm an LVN who started taking prereqs in August 2006 and, to this date, I have completed approximately 34 credit hours worth of these classes. I am quite proud of my hard work and my 3.882 grade point average!

    Here's the LPN-to-RN student forum:

    I work at a SNF on the rehab unit and, while I am happy with my $19 hourly pay rate, I'd love more money.