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I was talking to a friend about my letter coming first week of June in the mail. I told her I told my parents that they cant go near the mailbox until I get my letter in case it comes early. She... Read More

  1. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    Quote from as27
    Well my school said they would be sending letters via mail, but one day I was checking my email and I got an email from the school saying I was accepted. It was a big deal and I called my mom,dad, grandparents to let them know. I was so excited, I couldn't really believe it! Before that I was checking the mail like every day though!
    Then I went to Vegas and celebrated lol...actually the Vegas trip was pre-planned, but just another reason to celebrate!

    Same here, I expected a letter in the mail, they said they start going out around the end of Feb. I got an email and I SCREAMED and then told everyone. I knew it was coming, I knew my number was up, but I still kept convincing myself that all these students would end up deferring to my semester and so on and that it wouldn't really happen (I mean I had waited for 3 years by this time). So it still seemed so surreal and I screamed and got super excited.
  2. by   nursingschooldiva
    so did you get in? and to what school?
  3. by   nursingschooldiva
    I received a letter for the waitlist. However I didnt get in for this fall 09. I received another letter sept 09 telling congraduations for getting accepted for august 2010. I was excited and sad. I wanted to start now but the Lord knows best. Now that some time has pasted Im glad I have 10 months to prepare for nursing school. I attend my open house oct 8th, 09. Excited about that!