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So my husband spoke with someone that just graduated from one of the nursing programs I applied to. It's actually my first choice! Well, she told him that she initially was put on the waiting... Read More

  1. by   Soup Turtle
    I worried about hounding my school, but they gave me lots of reasons to. First, I got a rejection letter telling me to improve my GPA. The GPA they figured turned out to be wrong.

    Then, I got a message saying my status had changed and I had been accepted to the program.

    THEN, I overheard another girl getting upset because she found out she was an alternate, so I asked to make sure I was actually in. I wasn't! I was an alternate, too! It turns out they sent the wrong email to every alternate.

    I eventually got in, but geez! I've made sure to keep up with every little thing, just in case, since then.
  2. by   Batman24
    I don't think you should call every day, but I do think you should check in periodically. I am going to confirm my tests scores with them after I receive my results. My school has lost my application, my check, etc. so I don't trust them to not lose my results.

    I was also going to ask for an interview if one wasn't requested. I thought maybe I could charm them. LOL!!
  3. by   OgopogoLPN
    The cutoff for my school's application and pre req's was Feb 28th. I had recieved a letter stating they did recieve my application and I called them on Feb 27th to make sure all my pre req grades were in. She recited them to me, they were the correct grades. So, all I can do is wait. They pick who gets in soley on GPA, so calling them now won't help me one bit. They have everything and all I can do is hope and wait.

    Good luck!