Homonymous Hemianopsia

  1. Hello I am new so give me a few to learn this. Thank God I found this site.
    I am just starting into nursing I am taking my pre reqs.
    I need to know what Homonymous Hemianopsia is and What the person actually sees. I have looked on line and havent found any good sites to help explain. Can anyone help?
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    The link isn't working...
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    The post with the link is over 5 years old. The link may no longer be valid.
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    You could try this: http://www.dwp.gov.uk/img/visual-stroke.jpg

    My son has this visual field defect following a left temporal stroke as a child. He sees everything in the left side of his visual field but little or nothing on the right when looking directly at objects and he has no right sided peripheral vision. He will eat everything that is on the left side of his plate and leave the rest... so I position his plate so the food he likes the least is on the left and once he's eaten it all, I turn the plate. He hasn't picked up on this devious tactic, and will eat all manner of things that are good for him!