1. I'm am going to switch majors from nursing to radiology, and i have to take the HESI entrance exam, I have already taken the TEAS. I've heard that HESI is also a nursing test... so I was wondering if anyone can tell if if there is a site like testpreview.com that gives practice tests? Is is similar if format to the teas??
    I have plenty of time b/c i'm done done with the pre-reqs.. so i have another semester of those.

    any input would be helpful...

    thanx in advance
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  3. by   RB2000
    There is a pretty good study guide that you can find by doing a search on here. i forget what it is called. Also, the Evolve study guide isn't bad. It is all basic stuff. The most difficult part of the test is the length. Good Luck! : )