Help with calculator!!!

  1. Hi guys,I'll be starting classes Jan. 16th. For Christmas I got a graphing calculator and have know idea how to use it. Could someone please help!!!
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  3. by   CuriousMe
    I wouldn't worry to much. As long as you got the calculator recommended for your class, you usually learn how to use it as you go. I know that my math books have always had the key sequences you need for the operations you're working on.

  4. by   curlysue82
    Thanks, I hope so.
  5. by   CuriousMe
    As long as you got the one they recomended. The problem with trying to learn all of it's functions ahead of time, is you don't know how to do that kind of math yet (which is why you're in the math class you are ). So trying to understand how the calculator performs the kind of math you don't know how to do yet....will make you crazy.

    As long as you have the calculator recomended for your class, all should be well

    Best of luck!!

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  6. by   Beary-nice
    I agree, you kinda learn it as you go along. And since I am an old bat and hate I mean HATE math...I made certain to sit by some of the smart youngins...they helped me out. I still to this day bless the kid that helped me in physio lab with my calculator...may God bless the ground he walks on. Instructors helped me also, they could tell I didn't have a clue.
  7. by   marilynmom
    Graphing calculators are actually not hard to work. I had to get one for college algebra and the instructor taught us how to work it. I would write down the steps and learned by working my homework problems.

    I wouldn't worry about it. We also used it for stats.
  8. by   Cherish
    If its a Texas Instrument you should be able to go to there site...most people have TI-82,83,or 84's so your classmates should help you. Also the instructor can help you don't be shy they usually go step by step to show you how it works.
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  9. by   curlysue82
    I'm sure I will probably need this calculator for some class but I had originally wanted to use it on my entrance exam into the community college I will be attending. I don't know that it will do much good if I don't know what to do with it.
  10. by   Cherish
    You might want to check to see if you can bring that calculator some schools do not allow graphing calculators on entrance tests since you can input information before the test. Thats considered cheating so ask the school. I know you can not use those on SAT or ACT so you might want to ask.
  11. by   curlysue82
    That is a great idea. What was I thinking. Why stress if I can't even use the darn thing.
  12. by   arciedee
    If you are allowed to use a graphing calculator for this test I'm guessing you'll only really need it for basic math functions. A quick review of the first few pages of the owner's manual should give you enough insight to get going. Good luck!
  13. by   akspudus
    I carry a TI-83 plus and a simple TI calculator. Most classes allow me to use the TI-83, but if I run into a situation where I can't I have my backup. I used the 83 through college algebra, statistics and chemistry. I saw lots of other students with the same calculator...but no clue as to how to use it. If you get one of these sure to download the help file program...its not much help for what functions to use...but gives you a little cheat sheet on how the entries need to be made for each function..etc. I also used the "TI-83 for Dummies" book to help me out at times. My math texts also addressed this calculator in each lesson...sooo it really helped to have this calculator. Helped enough to earn an A in all classes so far.

    My backup is a TI-30XIIS. Most of the math professors know this calculator...its simple...and has all the basic functions a person would need. It doesn't take much time to master.

    Hope this helps.

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