Help...I can't decide on a route to take!

  1. I need some advice from fellow pre-nursing students on their plan of action for getting their rn. I graduated in 2003 from Miami of OH w/ a BA in Communications and am now going back there just to get started w/ pre-req courses (currently taking A&P - am done w/ all my electives). I work full time in a pretty demanding marketing position so aside from getting into a nursing program, another goal of mine is getting an entry-level position in a hospital for some initial experience and possible tuition assistance since I was denied a federal loan. So here's where I need your advice...

    1) Universities are SO expensive and my objective right now is to get the ADN and proceed from there. Can you suggest a good community college in the Cincinnati/Dayton/Middletown area for this? Anyone know of the Good Sam, Christ Hospital, Brown Mackie College programs?

    2) What's your advice on getting the CNA? Any idea where to do this in the Cincinnati area? What other suggestions do you have on certification needed for entry-level hospital positions?

    I guess I would just like to hear about everyone's plans in general. I am a non-traditional student so I think we're all in the same boat when we say we're looking for the most efficient route here considering our limited free time, financial assistance, etc.

    Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks, and good luck to you all!!!
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  3. by   smattles1of2
    Memories! I used to live in Cincinnati! I wish I was back home...

    I got my degree in chemistry back in 2001 and worked a bit and now i'm going into an accelerated BSN program in Jan 07. I'm going to apply for a stafford loan to pay for school and then i'm in the process of joining the Navy. They'll give me $10,000 sign on bonus plus $1000 a month, so that should help cover daycare and stuff. I just hope my recruiter gets on the ball and hurries up...

    The only community college I know in Cincy is raymond walters. They seem like they have a good nursing program. I know XU has one too, but that's probably pricey!

    Yeah, i'm not much help. Just wanted to tell you my plans! Were you denied a stafford loan? I thought everyone gets those?
  4. by   SummerGarden
    Try the Ohio Nurses Forum. Maybe there are many who can give you advice?

    In my experience CCs are very competitive too. I do not know about Ohio. Good luck. :wink2:
  5. by   soingal
    I don't know how familiar you are with Cincinnati, but Raymond Walters is in the suburb of Blue Ash.

    Other colleges are Cincinnati State and Technical College on Central Parkway/off of I-75, Brown Mackie (I found out that they're not fully accredited in that one's credits won't transfer, so you'll have to watch out for that), Diamond/Scarlet/Laurel Oaks (for LPN program); one is on Kemper Road, not too far from Cincinnati-Dayton Road, and Xavier University has recently started a new 2-year RN program but is pricey ($45,000 plus books).

    I'm looking into nursing schools that Christ Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital offers. There is an open house coming up for Christ Hospital School of Nursing. The dates for the open house are October 10, October 19, and November 8, 2006. Christ's nursing school has a new name:

    The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences
    2139 Auburn Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45219
    Call 513-585-2401 to make a reservation for the open house.

    Good Samaritan College of Nursing and Health Science
    375 Dixmyth Avenue
    Cincinnati, OH 45220
    Call 513-872-2743 (General Information/Admissions Financial Aid Departments)

    I'm waiting on a return phone call from them to inquire about their next open house dates.

    Good luck with your endeavors!


    P.S. Don't feel bad about your indecisiveness. I'm not fully decided on any one school yet, either. I'm still in the "resarch" phase. LOL
  6. by   charebec65
    I noticed that you included Dayton in your inquiry and that you were turned down for the fed'l loan. I'm maxed out on my federal loans and don't want to take out private loans that that aren't interest deductable on my taxes so I'm paying for my classes. I'm briding from LPN to RN at Sinclair in Dayton. I live out of Montgomery County so my tuition is higher at $75/hour. If you live in their county it's much cheaper. Either way, it's less expensive than any other school around and they have an awesome program.

    If you want to stay at Miami, you can go the Middletown Campus (halfway between Dayton and Cinci). It's much cheaper than the main campus in Oxford and they have an RN program.