Having trouble on tracing the path of a drop of blood

  1. Hi. Our present unit is on the heart, problems, etc. The professora wants us to trace the path of a drop of blood through the heart, from the superior and inferior vena cava to the aorta. Can someone please simplify this for me in a 1.2.3. manner. I know this is asking a lot, but I'd really appreciate it. It seems that every search I do goes off track. What is the big mystery? I know the parts. Or a good reference would help too. Thanking you very much in advance.
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    Perfect, Nurse Ratched! Just what I wanted. AHAA!!! I don't know why my other sources wanted to make it so complicated! Hugs!
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    I am not even in school yet but this site is in my fav's already. I too, thank you Nurse Ratched.
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    How about from my ANAT-1 class: A drop of CSF in the Left Lateral Cerebral Ventricle to become a drop a blood in the Circulatory System, that becomes a drop of lymph in the Lymphatic System.