Having trouble finding path to RN

  1. So I finished my third year of college recently and I got rejected from the nursing programs (BSN) I've applied to for the second year in a row (I'm from California) and I have no idea how to get there. I know my stats are really low but I want to get into a nursing program somewhere.

    My science prereqs (Chem, Anatomy/Phys 1+2, Microbio): 3.13 (if you include the +/-)
    My non science prereqs (english, comm, philosophy, stats, psych): 3.48 (if you include the +/-)

    Current cumulative GPA: 3.59

    TEAS score: 86.7
    HESI: 86.7

    I don't know what to do because I can't retake classes because of my grades but my grades aren't that good. Any opinions?
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    If you're willing to move, you could look for programs with waiting lists or lottery systems. They're becoming less common, though.
    You might also consider looking at LVN programs to see if it's possible to get into one of them. Then you might be able to get into a bridge program right away (hopefully).
  4. by   MamaCatNeighbor
    Maybe consider applying to ADN programs and LVN programs. I'm from California and I applied to 4 ADN programs (2 lottery based and 2 point systems) and I got accepted to a school. My gpa and test scores were similar to yours.
  5. by   jc109
    Which ADN programs did you apply to?
  6. by   MamaCatNeighbor
    Quote from jc109
    Which ADN programs did you apply to?
    I'm from SoCal, so i applied to Glendale, Cerritos, MSJC, and SBVC.
  7. by   sammiantha
    Hi! I would suggest try applying for ADN programs. My TEAS score wasn't high enough and I got rejected from BSN programs, but fortunately I got into an ADN program! ADN programs are either merit-based or lottery system.