Has anyone every taken A&P2 and Microbiology at the same time?

  1. For the fall semester of 2018 I was planning on taking A&P 2 and Microbiology (these will be the only 2 classes I will take during that semester. Has anyone taken these two classes at once? if so is it do-able?
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  3. by   37changes
    I am getting ready to take Micro along with Advanced A&P -- on top of my 2nd semester nursing classes & clinicals. I'll let you know how that goes. It probably won't be until May, though.
  4. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    I did last Spring - with two other classes. It's totally doable. Just stay on top off stuff
  5. by   MelissaMarie617
    yes please let me know!!! thank you so much!!
  6. by   MelissaMarie617
    Looks like I'm going for it.
  7. by   idkmybffjill
    I did last semester along with another class and had enough time to do well in both. Though my micro was probably somewhat easier than other people's because the professor was a bit too lax. However, I think even if it had been harder, it would have still been doable.
  8. by   mma22664
    I did it while working part-time and did pretty well. It's definitely doable. Just make sure to manage your time well, form study groups and study smart!
  9. by   dbird3
    Hi! I am starting both this week! I am also taking another 3 credit course. Time management skills and good study habits will be key. We can do it! Good luck.
  10. by   kjs91
    It is totally doable!

    I took both classes (night classes) this Fall Semester while working Full time. Managed an A- in A&P 2 and an A in micro.

    I agree with forming a study group. For A&p 2 I had a group text going on with a few classmates and it was very helpful throughout the semester.

    Just stay on top of studying and you should be fine. Good luck!
  11. by   UCnp2017
    I took A&P 2 and Micro at the same time and two other classes this past fall 2017 and I received As in both classes. It is definitely do-able. You just need to make sure you prioritize your time and stay organized as with any other class schedule.

    I was working as well as taking classes and I also found a study group to be helpful for A&P too.
  12. by   sydneya1231
    I'm taking A&P 2, Micro, Music, and a 1 credit PE course this spring. I'll let you know how it went after this semester ends
  13. by   GaryRay
    I did it that way too and regretted the hell out of it. I didn't even have a job at the time, the only thing I had to do is school and I struggled bad. I got an A in A&P 1 so I figured I could handle it. The workload is really time consuming, but I did manage it.

    I would think about your strengths and weaknesses when you make the decision. If you flew through A&P1 with an A then go for it. If sciences and heavy course loads are a challenge, I wouldn't. Remember you will probably be having to take exams and practicums in each class the same week. Can you put in the time and focus to be successful? Remember the nursing program typically looks the hardest at your science grades. Its competitive, I wouldn't do it if you thought you might end up with 2 B's instead of A's if you took them separately.
  14. by   RainbowSprinkles
    I took ap1, microbiology, and nutrition together and recieved A's in all classes. Its was tough, but doable. Create a good study system from the jump, you can not slack at all!