Has any LVN/LPN here ever been turned down admission to nursing school?

  1. Why are classes such as history, chemistry, and math you've taken and passed counted overall in your school credit, but when it comes to microbiology, physiology, and anatomy....well, they have to have been taken within the past 7 years to get into the nursing program! To me, that's a bunch of bs! I'm sitting in my micro and physiology class this semester yawning my butt off because I've already taken these classes and passed all of them with grades of A's and a B. It's a complete waste of my time and students with my predicament. Regardless, I will pass Micro and Physiology, but I'd rather be in the nursing program doing clinicals rather than coloring a stupid physiology book on cell structure.

    As practicing LVN/LPN's, is there something we can do about this?

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  3. by   prmenrs
    The reason you get to do this, again, is because science changes frequently! You can handle it!
  4. by   morte
    :yeahthat: science is evolving (1/2 a$$ed pun, intended) history, is, well HISTORY!.......you will glide through these courses....
  5. by   Qtp2t RN
    You'll make it through. I know it's frustrating. My school will not accept our science credits unless they've been taken within 5 years of starting the nursing program. Therefore, I have to retake Chem. before nursing classes start in the Fall, on top of working full-time. I just keep telling myself that I probably won't have to study nearly as much as most of the other students in my class and hopefully I'll get more out of it this time...or at least I'd better if I'm paying to take it again.