GRE Prep?

  1. Two of the programs I am applying to require me to take the GRE. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions as to the best way to prepare for this exam?

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  3. by   SopranoKris
    There are a lot of GRE prep software/practice tests available. You can easily get them at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc. I took the GRE back in the early 90s and bought a prep book that came with several practice exams. I found it helpful to take one practice exam first, determine the score, find out what I got wrong and then study. After studying the guide, took the test again and got a much better score. Put the guide away for a few months and then took another practice test to see how much I retained and didn't do too bad.

    If you've done all the nursing pre-reqs with good grades, you should pass the GRE with flying colors
  4. by   leenak
    The GRE has changed a bit since I took it but the most challenging part is the vocab. I'd look into books where you can increase your vocab as well as understand components of words to infer meanings. A GRE prep book will give you lots of tips and tricks.