1. Hello. I am a prenursing student and won't be applying to nursing school til fall 2014. I am currently working hard on my prereqs and was wondering what the GPA was of students that got into a nursing program were. Mine currently is a 4.0 but i have only taken 4 classes and still need 2 more semester after this one. Any info would be great. Thank you
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  3. by   Miiki
    Most people who get into nursing school don't have a 4.0, so obviously your GPA is great (here's a pat on the back). I have a 3.4 in the prereqs and got in.

    Most schools also factor in other stuff like the application essay, interview, community service, prior healthcare experience, entrance test scores. It's possible that you could be denied if your application sucks in the other areas.

    But I think, in general, having a 4.0 GPA gives you a really optimistic shot of getting in whatever school you want.
  4. by   nurseladybug12
    For the school you are applying to, you could ask your advisor or counselor what the typical criteria is for being accepted, for example my school told me that they expected every nursing student coming in to have A's in their pre-requisites because it was very competitive. There may not be an exact GPA you need, it is probably based on the competition so I would say do the best you can you probably will not have a problem getting in if you are gettin A's in all of your classes.
  5. by   nguyency77
    My school goes by a fractionated (meaning they count B+'s instead of just a B).

    The school looked at overall GPA, as well as science GPA. Why? Because there are people who take easy classes like Yoga or other group sports to raise their overall GPA. There's no limit to how many PE classes you can take. So, given enough time, someone with a 3.0 could raise their GPA to a 3.5 and look pretty good. That's why they look at science classes, too.

    I applied with a 4.10 overall, 4.27 science and got in.

    I'm trying not to listen to horror stories of "A-students do bad in nursing school/the real world." It's anecdotal, really. But I'm scared.