GGC spring 2019-Georgia Gwinnett College

  1. Hi everyone! I have been reading previous year threads like a mad woman and wanted to start one for the upcoming spring semester. If anyone is applying for spring 2019, we can share our stats and ask any questions here.
    For me,
    overall gpa: 3.89
    science gpa: 4.0
    teas: 91.3
    volunteer hours: 250

    I also had a question for anyone that has already submitted their application, the professor that is writing my letter of recommendation does not have a chance to write it until school starts and I'm stressing about the spring deadline, can I submit the majority of my application now and then add my letters of recommendation as they come?

    Hope to see some of you in the spring, fingers crossed!
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  3. by   Mindz97
    Hello! I also have been reading threads from the past. And the answer to your question, you are allowed to submit all documents and then submit the rec letters anytime just before the due date sept 3. Who did you end up asking for your rec letters?? And are you a GGC student as well?
  4. by   Kristina78
    Thanks for answering my question! That is such a relief. I asked my micro professor to write my letter and I know quite a few others did as well so she's probably swamped. And yes I am a current student at GGC. That's why I'm hoping to stay here, I've had a great experience.
  5. by   Mindz97
    Are you asking Dr. CY?!
    And by your stats, I'm sure you'll get in! Are you done taking all your science courses before nursing school?
  6. by   Mindz97
    Do you also know who you're going to ask for your other rec letter that's outside of school?
  7. by   Kristina78
    Yes that's exactly who! Haha
    And yes I wanted to get all of my sciences done before the teas which helped a lot, I'm just taking six hours this fall to take a little mental break before nursing school.
    For my other letter of rec I asked the volunteer coordinator for the hospice care I volunteered at and she wrote a very nice letter!
    Do you have anyone from a place you work or volunteer that would be willing?
  8. by   Mindz97
    Haha yeah I feel like everyone wants one from her! And I'm not sure as of right now but I'm thinking of asking my volunteer coordinator. So do you know any other people's stats who have gotten into GGC's nursing program in the past? I feel like I always hear different things about it. I know it's really competitive bc they only accept 30 students, and the school makes it clear how competitive it is, but I've heard of people who should have gotten in who didn't and some people who've gotten in with C's in anatomy or like 78 on their TEAs and it feels like it's so random at times.
  9. by   Kristina78
    Yikes that's terrifying if their selection process is random! I don't know the stats of anyone that has gotten in before besides the threads I've read on here. All I know is the teas counts for 40% during the admissions process and everything is on a points system. I guess semester where people with good stats that didn't make it were just in a pool of very good scores and vice versa. At least I hope because I am so so nervous!! Are you applying for spring too?
  10. by   Mindz97
    What do you mean a point system? I've heard from the admissions office that it's 30% science GPA, 20% overall GPA and 10% documents. And yes i am! I am so nervous as well! I hope we both get in! Have you submitted all your other documents (volunteering hours form, personal essay, rec letters (I know you'll submit that one later on)) in yet?
  11. by   Kristina78
    The way it was explained to me was each component that makes a percentage, for example science gpa, a certain gpa will be full points and then the next tier of gpa will be slightly less points and so on. If that makes any sense!
    And I have not submitted anything yet. I was waiting for both of my letters before I did, but since you cleared that up for me I am just working on perfecting the personal essay before I take everything in person. I suppose I'm also hoping to wait until the start of the semester to see if I can try to get the letter form Dr. CY and have all of my documents together. I'm basically Murphy's law so I think the more I can do to avoid things going wrong the better haha.
    Do you think it'll be better to take all the documents in person or send them by email?
    And I hope we'll see eachother this spring too!
  12. by   Mindz97
    Yeah that makes sense and I had no idea it was like that! Thanks for telling me about this! And I'm totally the same way so I'd probably just wait until I receive both letters and turn it in all together in one document! and personally, I would take all the documents in person instead of the email because I think it'd be more convenient for them but idk!! I want to turn in the documents but I'm so nervous/scared bc it feels so soon (before the deadline 09/03) and I just have thoughts in my head of them opening my documents as soon as they get it hahah But it should be better to turn it in sooner than later closer to the deadline right?!
  13. by   Kristina78
    Some other programs have "shifts" during the months leading up to the application deadline where the sooner you get everything submitted the sooner you will be accepted and that's just too terrifying for me. I think I'll wait until a week or two before the deadline. That gives me time to go "oh wait I should change this part of my essay" a million times and maybe someone can put a face to the packet when it comes down to selections but that's a long shot haha
  14. by   Ayaya
    Hope you guys post when you hear a decision! Good luck!!