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Hey: Does anyone want to share their future specialty and why??... Read More

  1. by   goldenscroll
    I am not totally decided, I was thinking ED, but the way it is going in my area with shooting deaths...well, i am not sure I want to deal with that!!! i did want to eventually get my masters to be a Nurse Anesthetist, btu it requires out of state apprenticeships or somethign liek that, and with kids, i cnat be gone for months on end! So I may try getting my masters eventually to be a NP. If so, i will prob try ob/gyn, and in that case, I would try to go into the L&D unit. Otherwise, I am thinking OR. I love the idea of watching surgeries.
  2. by   86toronado
    i was thinking ed originally, and that still intrigues me, but talking to my nurse manager about her time as a hospice nurse made me think that might be something i would like to try as well. i haven't even started nursing classes yet, though.