Fscj rn summer 2018 hopefuls

  1. Hi,

    My name is Brittiany and I'm applying for FSCJ's Summer 2018 Nursing program. Anyone out there applying as well?
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  3. by   DeannaMB
    Hi! I will be applying! I am taking my Hesi Feb 12th! I hope I make high enough scores to apply. Have you taken the hesi yet? I was told they only look at Reading comp, vocab, math and grammar. Is that correct? Do they count the sciences against you at all If you do not make a 75?
  4. by   laladml
    Hi! I'm applying as well. I took the HESI last year before I took all my science classses and did horrible on just those parts. I had an overall of 73 so I couldn't apply for the LPN program. Retaking it soon too improve my score and apply for the RN program.
  5. by   Shinesmlpn
    im applying for summer as well. hoping to get into the bridge program. i have an 84 on the hesi and am retaking it on the 13th. I dont like that theyve changed the point system. i have a lot of work experience, an A.A. and i'm an LPN and ive heard you dont get points for any of that anymore...
  6. by   J_Amelia1027
    I am also applying for the FSCJ nursing program for Summer 2018. I take my HESI 020818... any pointers/tips??
  7. by   Mandersrae4
    Hello all! I am also applying to the summer RN program! What does everyone's points look like?
  8. by   mar487
    Hi, everyone, I will be applying as well.
  9. by   Kenny 2018
    Good afternoon

    I will also apply for summer 2018 both LPN bridge to RN program and Rn program. I just completed the HESI today. Overall, I made a 91%. I made all A's and 1 B in course work. Under the new point system I have 144.5. I do not like this new system. Nursing is a science not a English language score.

    my score breakdown

    Math 100%
    Vocab. 90%
    Grammar 80%
    Reading 88%
    Biology 96%
    Chem. 96%
    A&P. 88%

    under the old system, I would be a shoe in.

    No one knows for the new system. We are the independent variable in this experiment.
  10. by   Shinesmlpn
    Wow 100% in math any pointers? I made an 80 in math im retaking the hesi on the 13th. With your grades and hesi score, you'll get in.
  11. by   Shinesmlpn
    I heard to use quizlet to help study for the hesi
  12. by   Kenny 2018
    I have always excelled in math in science, my Achilles heel is English.

    I studied elvove and paid 35 bucks for the HESI on their website. I also used pocket prep and paid the extra 14 bucks to unlock all the questions. That really helped me.

    I have been a Dialysis Nurse for the last 5 years. I'm tired of training new RN's. So I understand missing out on the extra points.

    Im really upset that FSCJ doesn't look st the over score anymore. Hopefully I'll get into the Bridge Program. I will be applying to both
  13. by   Shinesmlpn
    Im applying to both as well. You have more points than me so thats good for you! I have a c in micro that i took forever ago, i dont even remember taking it haha.
  14. by   Kenny 2018
    From what I was told by the Health counselor at North is that Summer seems to be easier to get into. Most people apply for Fall and Spring terms. Study for the HESI. Conquer it. You have already taken the Nclex for PN and that was harder. You got this!!