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what was your high school GPA??? and what did you get on the SAT or ACT....I'm scared I'm not going to get into school... Read More

  1. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    hi samma,

    i like what catzy5 posted!!
    ...i had to laugh because my highschool transcripts yikes! i barely graduated probably in the bottom 10 out of a very large school...
    i graduated from a small school, but i still was at the bottom of it. doesn't matter for college though, especially a cc. i had to take an entrance test to see where i needed remedial help (math) and where i was okay at. i have gone on to do very well (for the bottom of the pile!!) in college, although i don't have a 4.0.

    with you coming straight from high school into college, you may want to look at a community college first, to get some good grades there, then look at transferring to a private college if that is you wish, to go on for your nursing career. if you don't have any plans of going for your bachelor or master's, then going to a cc and getting your adn should be no problem whatsoever. good luck with whatever you choose~