Financial aid with 2nd degree...

  1. My goal is to transfer to CSU Fresno & try to get into their nursing program, but so not to limit myself, will be applying to community college programs as well. I've been told I can apply for graduation this semester for a degree in transfer studies with emphasis in math & science. If I do this & I get into an ASN program instead of the BSN, will I be disqualified for financial aid because I would already have an AS degree?
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  3. by   leenak
    Does getting an AS, especially in something so non-specific, buy you anything? If your goal is an ASN or BSN than the previous AS would be irrelevant. I could understand possibly if you were trying to find a job and had a more specific AS degree option but I really wouldn't worry about applying for it if I were you.
  4. by   pinayluv78
    Thanks. When the counselor put together my GE certification for Fresno State, he told me to apply in a month for graduation. While I'm sure I'll get in to the college, itself, the nursing program is obviously not guaranteed & I just want to make sure that wherever I get in to, I'll have the financing for it...
  5. by   mac linn
    My daughter has a BS in Business and is now going back to school to pursue a BS in Biology to go into the medical field. The financial aid office told her she would be eligile for Financial Aid if she did not use any loans for her first degree (which she did not we paid for it ourselves)

    So now she can use Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans to get her second BS degree.
    She just filled out all FAFSA info online and she got money for Spring 2012 semester. It was a really quick and easy process.
  6. by   leenak
    Yeah the BS/BA has some restrictions or used to, I'm just not sure if there are any of the same restrictions on AS/AA degrees.

    I used $12k in loans for my BS so I think I can still used unsubsidized loans for my BSN if I wanted. That is my backup plan.