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I went down a week of depression about financial aid telling me I made too much. I couldn't believe it. I know my last job paid pretty well. I wasn't thinking of going to school at that point. ... Read More

  1. by   Busia
    Quote from RLPORTEE
    Thank you everyone for your replies and I am getting a lot of great advice. My next question would be can I get loans. I've tried to apply for two loans that the school stated they worked with. My credit is not good and I wasn't approved. I'm thinking the only option I have is working my butt off and going to school. I read one comment about reapplying due to my circumstances. I will get right on that and I thank you for letting me know of that option.
    Were you denied the Stafford Loans then? Bot subsidized and unsubsidized? (You get an answer on those along with the rest of the financial aid package.) Those are the loans I was able to get, even with dh's high income and our mediocre credit. I got about half in subsidized and half in unsubsidized. But I was denied any grants or any other "free" money. The amount I got was enough to cover tuition, books, supplies and daycare for the semester.

    Is there someone else at your financial aid office you could talk to? Have you been talking to the same person all along? It doesn't seem like they've done a good job explaining your options to you!

    Good luck, I hope you can find something!
  2. by   PineappleCrush
    I'm kind of in the same situation, but differently.

    I still live at home right now (I'm 21), but I had a job at a zoo, until I was laid off since attendance was WAY down. Then, my dad, who works for the City of Phoenix (a government job, uh oh...) was apart of what they call a "reduction in force" where he was bumped into a completely different department. He used to be a Civil Engineer, now he works in Street Maintenance and took a $10k cut in pay. As if that weren't enough, this "reduction in force" didn't happen until March, so it obviously wasn't apart of last year's taxes. And, of course, according to everything from last year, he "made too much money."

    What's even worse is that my brother is Autistic and just turned 24, so technically he's no longer covered on my dad's insurance. More specifically, his medication is no longer covered, so we're looking at $600 a month for his medication.... haha.

    Isn't it ironic sometimes how things work out?

    My biggest suggestion: FIGHT IT. Get into your FinAid office and beg, plead, ask for anything. Ask if you got any loans, I fortunately got a subsidized Federal Stafford loan that has a low rate and the government pays your interest as long as you're enrolled half-time at your college. Just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk to the FinAid Office/Scholarship Office at your school. They have people there who are paid to sit there and help you find ways to finance your schooling.

    I know I wasn't much help, I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. Just keep fighting and you'll get there some how! :wink2:
  3. by   julwh
    I am in the same boat - I had a high paying job until January of this year when I was laid-off. After 3 lay-offs in 15 years I decided to go back to school also but can get no financial aid due to what I made last year. It sucks! I am going to look into the special considerations to see what I can do.

    Keep us posted! I will let you know what my school finance office says!
  4. by   RLPORTEE
    I am sorry to hear that your both are going down this same path. Even still reading your replies I realize I'm not alone and there is always someone else going through hell too. Thanks for everyone's reply and I am really going to try everything I can starting with begging my financial aid advisor.