Finances during an accelerated program

  1. I am currently taking prerequisites to apply to an ABSN program. What is holding me back the most is that I have a family, and quitting my job will bring us down to just my husband's income. Because I will have to live and breathe this program for a year, there is no way I can work during it (and it's advised not to). I'm curious to know how students are supporting themselves through this program - spouse, savings, loans? Did anyone end up regretting doing such a program because of the financial burden it puts them in? Thank you in advance for any feedback!
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  3. by   hurricanekat
    I'm in the same boat - sort of. While it is recommended that we not work during our program, it is not mandatory. My plan is to try to work 1-2 shifts per week (very minimal). We will mostly depend on my fella's income. I am working now to save up the $$ to pay my tuition. I may end up getting a loan just to be sure we have enough $$. Its all going to depend on how much I'm able to save in the next few months. I'm pretty much doing the "Let Go and Let God" thing. I just know its going to work out.
  4. by   FutureNurseInfo
    I will be starting the ABSN this fall, and I will have to quit my job. However, I have been saving up some money for over a year. I also thought of maybe working a day or two, but once I got a schedule, there is absolutely no free time to work! For example, I will have classes all day M-Th, and I will have clinicals, all day, F-S. So, I will only have Sundays to recuperate, and study, study, study!
  5. by   Glucagon
    It's generally savings, federal loans, family help, scholarships and/or surviving on a spouse's income with maybe some part time work.