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  1. I'm enrolled in a&p 1 this semester. I just had my first exam and I don't think I did at great as I hoped. I studied every day anywhere from 2-6 hours a day. I answered all the questions on the study guide that was given to us. Taking the test today, 10 of the words we had to define were not on the exam.
    After class I went up to the professor and asked if it was still possible to achieve an A if I got a C on the exam per say. His response: "we'll since I haven't graded your exam yet, I don't know. I put on the syllabus the percentages to average out your grade so it's up to you to figure it out."
    Am I being unreasonable that I think his reply was rude? Why couldn't he say that if I do we'll on the last 3 exams then its possible? I explained to him that it's imperative that I get an A in this class. I study literally every day and go to tutoring. He's not very helpful and he's condesending towards me. I'm applying to nursing school this summer and I really need this A to boost my gpa. I volunteer at a hospital and I'm taking a cna course this summer. I want nothing more then to be a nurse. I cannot imagine doing anything else. Any advice on how to handle this professor?
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  3. by   eva123
    My advice, learn to be humble. Unfortunately a lot of professors are like this or view you as nothing more than another seat in the class. Learn to roll with the punches. Try not to argue with teachers, though at times it can be incredibly tempting. Usually you can turn your grade around in class if you didn't do so hot on the first one but do well on the others.
  4. by   HouTx
    I don't think the response was rude. If the details are in the syllabus, you should be able to perform the "what if" grade calculations yourself. Don't expect your instructor to do it for you. Frankly, it does not matter to him why you are taking the class or what grade you "have" to receive. His responsibility is just to teach the course.

    If you expect/ask for special consideration when none is warranted, you will come across as feeling that you are 'entitled' - and this is pretty much guaranteed to tick off faculty members. If you are having difficulty with the course, take advantage of resources provided by your school or seek out a tutor/assistance on your own.
  5. by   princesax11
    I don't think the professor was unreasonable. It is the typical response of most professors. If you put down your syllabus's grading percentages I can show you how to do it. I do it all the time to see where I am lol.