Fall 2017 Century College (or MANE) Applicants out there?

  1. I dropped off my application for the fall 2017 (MANE) Century College nursing program. Anyone else? Let's start a conversation here about getting in!
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  3. by   7783
    Applied also! March 15th feels like a long way off!
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  4. by   7783
    I did end up applying to both Century and IHCC. I hope we can start a discussion for all applicants for the MANE program. The next couple of months are going to be a grueling wait! Conversation about this may help get us through!
  5. by   Fefee
    Hi! I applied to Century, Normandale, and Metro. Now the wait begins.
  6. by   8130
    I'm taking the TEAS this week. Have you all taken it? Good scores? Bad? Advice for me? Thanks in advance for any help
  7. by   Fefee
    I had an 83.3% overall score. The science focused mostly on A&P and a tad bit of Chem. The first time I took the TEAS, I scored 72% overall and that was a year ago. I'm hoping I'm a better candidate this time. Relax, read the study manual, and don't over think it. Good luck!
  8. by   8130
    Thanks Fefee!
  9. by   7783
    8130, Definitely know your organ systems and what each organ system does. The science section seemed very focused on A&P. The math section covered a lot of proportion questions and switching between measurements. If I had extra time in sections, I would go back and read over the questions again to make sure I was answering what they were asking. You will do great! Good luck!
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  10. by   8130
    Thanks e3278!
  11. by   TJMMN
    Hi all!! I'm apppying to Normandale and Inver Hills! I'm also applying to the U of M transfer program in Rochester. I'll hopefully get all my apps done and mailed off this week!
  12. by   8130
    TJMMN, thanks for commenting! Good luck! Keep us updated
  13. by   Eva2015
    I am applying to Century college and NHCC. I have a 3.46 gpa for NHCC and 3.25 for century with Teas score of 77.3%. I feel like my chances are low for getting into the program.
  14. by   Fefee
    Eva2015, I've followed threads on here where people got in with lower scores. It just all depends on the scores for that application cycle. Fingers crossed ☺