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Just registered for A & P 1 for this coming fall.... :yeah::yeah: Anyone else??... Read More

  1. by   swtstephy
    I want to give everyone a tip of advice...go to ratemyprofessor.com and research the professor you are going to take it will make all the difference and some say that A&P 1 is harder than A&P 2 but it is all memorization!!!...REPETITION is key!
  2. by   Stwirl09
    I'm in!! A&P1 , Child Psych, and Spanish for Medical. I also apply to Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing for fall 10 start. Anyone take the TEAS yet? tough?
  3. by   chloejean104
    I take A&P 1 and Organic BioChem this fall. Then A&P 2, Micro, and Sociology 2nd semester. So scared, but also very excited
  4. by   FxAngel
    We can do it!!!

    I am also taking A&P 1 this fall, along with Math, Eng Comp, Psych. I hope to start a Nursing Program in Fall 2010.

    Jenn Kristin
  5. by   mama2boyz
    count me in

    I'm taking Intro to Psych and Nutrition this summer. A&P1 in the fall - anyone else doing on on-line course? I have an associated lab with it and have no clue how that works (I think the school has open lab hours I can attend, but not sure yet).

    Like a few others, I also work part time and have two small children at home. This could get interesting. lol

    I'm hoping to finish up prereqs and apply to the program end of the spring '10 semester...and with a little luck, begin nursing classes spring '11 (they have a list of BSN transfer classes I can work on during that wait list time if I so choose...we shall see). I hate that you have to complete prereqs before being placed on the wait list. grmph.
  6. by   PerfectlyFlawed
    I'm starting Chemistry next week and then A&P I in the Fall.

    Between Spring and Summer...I'll have knocked out all of the non-essential courses (English, Psych, Soc etc) prior to continuing with the cores (A&P I, II and Microbiology).
    Nervous as anything but excited!
  7. by   Buffkat00
    Count me in! I go four nights a week starting the end of August. EEP!