Excited about nursing career, what classes to take before nursing school?

  1. Hello, can anyone tell me what are the classes one have to take to get into a nursing school? I will be a certified Medical Assistant in June. I will like to further my education. THANK YOU.
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  3. by   zoe92
    Talk to the admissions office at whichever school you are interested in. They will give you a list of pre reqs. Most commonly you will take an English course, anatomy and physiology 1 and 2, microbiology, intro psych, developmental or human life span psych, intro sociology, some sort of math and sometimes a chemistry course.
  4. by   Inori
    go to the website of the school your are interested in. The program / majors usually list what thier prerequisites are. You want to take prereqs at the same school you are aiming for nursing as frequently schools prefer thier students over anothers schools. Good luck. Figure out finances too as many nursing students try working FT and end up failing out because too tired to study. etc

    Each school has different prereqs: ex: chemistry, A&P, english of sorts, math, etc and etc

    #1. ) need to figure out which school you want to go to. State funded schools are much cheaper than private .. but gpa requiremetns are also higher.
    #2.) apply to said school
    #3.) take the prereqs at the same school that offers the nursing program you want
    #4.) finish prereqs apply to your school of nursing
    #5.) commit to 2-4yrs of no social life, stress, living hell
    #6.) graduate nursing school
    #7.) take and pass state licensing exam (NCLEX)
    #8.) go out and celebrate your accomplishments as you're now and RN
    #9.) now you need a job lol.