Excelsior credit by exam

  1. Hi all:

    Has anybody taken any prerequisites via Excelsior credit by exam? The school I am applying to recommended it for some non-science prerequisites and I am looking to take Ethics that way.

    I am wondering if they provide adequate resources (books to read etc) to prepare and do well on the exam? This should not be a difficult class (hopefully), but just curious how doable this is.

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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    You can view the exam content guides on the excelsior website for non-nursing classes like this. This includes the exam outline, recommended resources including text books, articles, and related resources.

    Try here : https://my.excelsior.edu/documents/7...9-d706b20c856d
  4. by   INN_777
    Hi there. Yes, I have noticed that. I was just wondering if anybody had the experience of taking a course by exam there. And whether what they provided was enought to do well. As well as any other learnings/tips as I have never done anything like this before.
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    I've not taken this particular exam as I have taken courses previously that fulfill this domain.

    If you follow the guidelines and suggestions in the exam content guide you should be fine. You can also check the Excelsior College forum in the online learning section on this site for more info and experiences. You need to be a motivated self learner Set a study plan and stick to it.

    Success in challenge exams really depends on the individual student. I do well with distance learning because of the study habits I've developed over the years. Some exams are more challenging than others depending on your previous exposure to the material and life experience. For example A&P and Micro exams are very challenging for someone without a science background or previously exposed to the concepts. Someone without previous science experience might be more successful with a classroom experience than a challenge exam in A&P.

    Good luck
  6. by   INN_777
    Thank you for your perspective!