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I was kind of surprised by the responses to the thread about whether or not it was mean not to offer your notes to a fellow classmate. I'm hoping the big issue here was that the person was not a... Read More

  1. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from TexasAngel
    I guess maybe it wasnt fully understood. She misses once a week, many weeks. I dont mind helping others who are trying, but someone that misses that much isnt going to last very long in the program, and not that I dont want her to. Then it will be up to the nursing instructor. I dont think this is even an issue of eating our own. Neither of us are in the program. I certainly am not a seasoned nurse.
    If everyone shares their notes with her, are we helping her? I dont think so. No nursing instructor is going to let that slide by. I think she may as well start doing things right now. Before the real fun begins.
    I also dont accept the fact that things might be easier then because I am sure she will be still working at the same place. I do not wish anything bad on her, but I think she needs to put more importance on class. I dont hope she doesnt get into the program, but she wont stay in if she does things like this.
    But it's not up to you to judge whether or not she's "worthy" of getting into the nursing program. If you don't want to loan her your notes, fine. Leave it at that.

    It sounds like you spend a little too much time paying attention to what your classmates are/are not doing. Worry about yourself, your grades, whether or not you'll get into a nursing program. That should be your only focus.
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    Quote from NRS2bNFL
    You know if the girl was a lazy teenager who just graduated from high school and spent too much time sleeping in the back row of class (yes, this happened last semester) I would double think it, and still lend my notes (because they would need alot more than my notes).......but bottom line, I'd lend my notes regardless.......notes do not pass an exam....a whole lot of studying does....and chances are, they will not be studying either. So at least I can look back and know I did the right (and kind) thing.
    Good for you, NRS2bNFL!